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داریوش - آلبوم ها Dariush - Albums
ashoftebazar Dariush
آشفته بازار
ahaymardomedonya Dariush
آهای مردم دنيا
dariush_songs Dariush
آهنگ جدید
ashk Dariush
aman Dariush
emrooz Dariush
Ensan Dariush
livepalas Dariush
live in palas
bachehayeiran Dariush
بچه های ایران
booye_khoobe_gandom Dariush
بوی خوب گندم
bemannagoo Dariush
به من نگو دوستت دارم
parandemohajer Dariush
پرنده مهاجر
jangal Dariush
cheshme_man Dariush
چشم من
khake_khoobe_mehraboni Dariush
خاک خوب من
khamooshnemimirad Dariush
خاموش نمیرید
Dariush_ft_aslani Dariush
داریوش و فرامرز اصلانی
delbar Dariush
donyaye_inrooza Dariush
دنیای این روزای من
dobare_misazamat_vatan Dariush
دوباره می سازمت وطن
divar Dariush
rahe_man Dariush
راه من
Rumi Dariush
zendooni Dariush
y2000 Dariush
سال دوهزار
sofresin Dariush
سفره سین
shaghayegh Dariush
sahne Dariush
Sahne_2 Dariush
صحنه 2
faryad_zire_ab Dariush
فرياد زير آب
Hereos Dariush
قهرمانان وطن
kohnediar Dariush
کهن دیار
golebita Dariush
گل بیتا
Mohtaj Dariush
Marmar Dariush
mosabbeb Dariush
Mojezeye_Khamoosh Dariush
معجزه خاموش
Beloved_is_here2 Dariush
معشوق همینجاست 2
nazanin Dariush
nadim Dariush
nefrinname Dariush
نفرین نامه
NoonoPaniroSabzi Dariush
نون و پنير وسبزی
nisti Dariush
hamseda Dariush

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Dariush Eghballi (born February 4, 1951) is a Persian (Iranian) pop singer .Dariush Eghbali was born in Miyaneh and spent his early years in Karaj and Kurdistan. His talent was first recognized at an early age of nine, when he appeared on stage at his school. Hassan Khayatbashi introduced him to the public at the age of twenty through Iranian television. He immediately became popular with his legendary song “Do not tell me you love me” his contemporary and unique style opened a new era in the Iranian music. Dariush has never compromised his deeply held beliefs, for which he was even imprisoned and persecuted before the revolution in Iran. Whether he sings poems of Shamlou, Rumi, Hafez,shirazi and Naderpour, or lyrics of Iraj Jannati Attaie, Shahyar Ghanbari, Mina Assadi and Ardalan Sarfaraz, the one theme that runs through all his music is that of love, peace, freedom and justice. He has collaborated with such renowned artists as Babak Bayat, Farid Zoland, Ahmad Pejman, Mohammad Shams, Varoujan and many other innovative and avant guarde lyricists, musicians, and composers. His body of work consists of over 200 songs in 25 albums. With remarkable sensitivity and undeniable logic, he has created an astonishing repertoire and a glorious body of work. He has the ability to interpret all forms of music with consummate ease. He has dazzled audiences with great virtuosity with his bright and effervescent performances. He has had sold out performances in concert hall around the world notably: Wembley, Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Koncertoes, Greek Theatre, Universal Amphitheatre, and Palais de Congres. Dariush has earned the respect and love of his admirers not only because of his talent in the world of music as a performer, but also as an accomplished composer. Furthermore, his performances in the Iranian Cinema, more specifically in two films: “Yaran” and “Faryad zir-e- ab” have earned great reviews[citation needed]. Recently, his incredible amount of sheer hard work in bringing awareness and support to the world of addiction has insured his place among the mere handful of humanitarian Iranian artists who have made an impact in the lives of people with compassion and passion. Through the establishment of the Iran Recovery Center, and Ayeneh Foundation, by creating such websites as [], the first Persian website addressing substance abuse, [], the first and only website addressing all social maladies widespread among our countrymen all around the world, and his own weblog, []; through educational seminars and conferences around the world, and as a member of Amnesty International[citation needed], Dariush has raised his voice to make a difference. His goal is to create a nurturing environment conducive to allowing people to develop healthy, drug free lives, encouraging them and their family and loved ones to acquire and seek the skills to achieve sobriety and successfully maintain it, to bring social awareness regarding the plight of our countrymen and to create a bridge between those in need and those who can lend a helping hand. As such, his contributions have been recognized by the Self-Help And Recovery Exchange, which selected him to receive the Ron Simmons & Rev, Ronald L. Wright Award, for his outstanding contribution to support group participation by minority communities. Dariush and his music have swept the worldwide musical scene with such haunting and powerful voice that could break a heart. His inherent musicality and intelligence and the astonishing beauty of his timbre, coupled with a passionate belief in the importance of civil liberties and political and human rights has made him an international symbol of a free Iran. He has been a messenger of love and compassion to the refugees all around the world struggling to find a tiny nest away from the tyranny and suppression. As such, he has been embraced by the Arab world, with its rich musical culture, with great enthusiasm. In a recent international festival of music video and tele-media held in Bahrain, Dariush was recognized as the sole representative of contemporary Iranian music. He was awarded the highest peace trophy[citation needed]. In the closing ceremonies of the festival, Dariush sang of freedom, particularly in his homeland, Iran, and passionately expressed his firm commitment towards being the voice of awareness, bringing attention to the plight of his countrymen struggling for freedom. His flawless taste in music, poetry and lyrics, and his magnificent ability to touch the souls of his countrymen have been the main source of his enduring style. His engaging personality and his fierce loyalty to the need of the society has undoubtedly proven to be inspiring to the younger generation. This ever-growing impact on the younger generation, who were not even born when he began his career, as well as those who are avidly following his every move is generating over 200,000 hits a day on his website Dariush transcends the world of popular and traditional Iranian music that he has commanded for over three decades, and has awarded the most glorious spot in the heart and soul of his countrymen all over the world.
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