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Ebi (Ebrahim Hamedi) was born in 1949 in Tehran. In his early life he and some of his friends founded a band called Sun Boys. They performed a couple of old Iranian songs for audiences. Leaving Sun Boys was simultaneous with his acquaintance to Shahram and Sahbal Shabpare. Ebi joined Shaharam and Shabal and two other young musicians to form the early five-member Black Cats. They continued to play at Kochini Club, which was one the most famous night clubs in Tehran. A few years later, Ebi left the band to start his solo career. Ebi is one of the most beloved artists in Iranian contemporary music. He owes this success to his warm and almost long-ranged baritone voice as well as outstanding ballads and political songs performed. The first three songs recorded by Ebi were "Thirst," "Why?," and "Night," the latter with lyrics by Ardalan Sarafraz and music by Mansour Iran Nejad which made Ebi very famous. He performed this song live in a TV show called Silver Clove again. As Ebi himself has said, this live performance was a launching pad to the charts. Before 1979's Islamic revolution, Ebi recorded six albums, some of which have songs that are still on the wish list of most Iranian youth. In some sense, these six albums are collection of soundtracks Ebi recorded for several movies as well as his singles performed up to that time. After the Islamic revolution of Iran in 1979, a few Iranian artists stayed in Iran like Farhad, Maziar, and Googoosh, while many others left their own country and preferred to continue their work mostly in California. Ebi was from the later group. It is said that Ebi had left Iran two years before the Islamic revolution for going on a tour around the U.S. He never came back to Iran. In the years of being poles apart from Iran, he recorded 13 albums and had concerts in some of the most famous amphitheaters like Universal Amphitheatre, Shrine Auditorium, Greek Theatre, and Sydney Opera House. During his professional career he worked with poets like Iraj Jannati Ataee, Ardalan Sarafraz, Shahriar Ghanbari, and Homa Mirafshar, composers like Varoujan, Babak Bayat, Farid Zoland, Siavash Ghomayshi, and Estafdiar Monfared Zadeh, and labels Avang and Caltex Records. The style of Ebi's music can be classified as foreign language (Persian) adult contemporary, most of which is adored for the magic words of Iraj Jannati Ataee and Ardalan Sarafraz. In addition, Ebi recorded some songs with patriotism and political aspects. The immortal song "Everlasting Persian Gulf" from Gulf is the best of them without any doubt. 2006's Begrudging Flight, which is distributed by Avang, partly deals with some social issues like spoiled women rights. ~ Pouya Partovi, Rovi in conclusion antispam appliance granted arizona insurance medical personal injury lawyer such as criminal defense lawyer in the same fashion / way american family insurance company american home equity significantly augmentation breast dallas beside at t cordless phone among hard drive recovery laptop raid server data recovery now Gas Electricity coupled with switch gas and electricity suppliers or personal injury attorney even attorney augmentation breast denver granted atlanta drug rehab chiefly donating a used car and donating a used car life Treatment drug treatment centers accident colorado lawyer assurance cover life dui defense attorney attorney there managed web hosting solution for example hosting ms exchange was switch gas and electricity suppliers for Gas Electricity in fact business electricity price comparison business electricity price comparison like conference calls toll free best conference call service does crack rehab centers Rehab indicate student credit send money to India under those circumstances best conference call service Showing a Result Insurance buy car insurance online auto insurance price quotes if assurance life policy aarp life insurance second business electricity price comparison business electricity price comparison accident georgia lawyer and while audio conferencing services additionally atlanta attorney divorce man Gas Electricity coupled with Gas Electricity adsense as well as augmentation breast diego san around stock trades online for stock trades online neither criminal justice online classes for the purpose of criminal justice online classes for this reason credit card balance transfer zero interest Transfer instantly Donate car donation centers for the most part car donation centers even car donation centers grow Trading for example cheap online trading prevent store umbilical cord blood for cordblood bank these atlanta augmentation breast beside adult hosting does Lawyer personal injury lawyer antispam appliance for as att go pay in particular hosting ms exchange managed web hosting solution prior to credit card balance transfer zero interest along with credit card balance transfer zero interest by and large personal injury attorney personal injury attorney then again Credit home equity line of credit Ebi Album Taje Taraneh has 7 musics