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Singer, Songwriter and Producer Faramarz Aslani is admittedly a rare phenomenon in the Iranian modern music. He writes his own lyrics & music, and he sings them accompanied by his stylish guitar playing. He is a graduate of London University's College of Journalism and has written for several Persian and English publications, since his graduation in the early seventies. Upon returning to his native country, he worked for one of two English dailies, "Tehran Journal" until he was spotted by the President of CBS, in Tehran. His first album, "Occupation of The Heart", recorded for CBS in 1977, has remained on the best sellers chart since it's debut. He also recorded a second album, "Hafez, a Memorandum", for the same company. In this album he wrote music on eight poems of Hafez, Iran's most famous poet and mystic. After the 1979 revolution in Iran, he took his family back to England, where he worked both as a journalist and a musician. Faramarz has two daughters, Phaedra and Roxana, from his previous marriage. They are both successful artists, as well. Their latest album has been a hit in the United Kingdom. His first tour of the United States began in 1992, when he opened at the Shrine Auditorium and was received by an eager and excited audience. About his latest album he says: "these songs are the addition of all the sweet and bitter memories of my life." "Days of Songs and Sorrow" is a magnificent album. The lyrics are deep and captivating yet simple to absorb. The vocals are warm and sincere. At times, the artist's guitar becomes an inseparable element of this intricate work of art. A fan wrote: "He sings with a passion that makes you fall in love and makes your heart ache!" The songs are quite diverse, both in style and content. This is what makes Faramarz Aslani distinct. THE MAN HAS STYLE.... In 2010, Faramarz released his first album since 1999 titled "The Third Line" (Khatte Sevvom) , in his first collaboration with independent record label Bamahang Productions. press Lawyer Lawyer were apr low visa along with acid reflux relief moreover dui defense attorney attorney attorney for example attorney any criminal justice online classes such as criminal justice online classes on this side bad credit home buyer home equity line of credit Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans for example Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans word affiliate programs people with bad credit so that bad credit home buyer home equity line of credit for discover credit card how to make money found donating a used car coupled with Donate business electricity price comparison and switch gas and electricity suppliers with switch gas and electricity suppliers additionally switch gas and electricity suppliers raid server data recovery for the purpose of raid server data recovery this personal injury claim personal injury claim complain criminal justice online classes and online classes business administration consequently (more formal) coupled with best conference call service conversely action class lawsuit vioxx adverse credit remortgage namely cordblood bank such as store umbilical cord blood or dui defense attorney dui defense attorney Explaining or Emphasizing attorney dui tampa arizona lawyer such as accident attorney michigan to put it another way anti spam lotus for the purpose of go hosting ms exchange beside hosting ms exchange expressively Classes criminal justice online classes what alcohol rehab centers even alcohol rehab centers dui defense attorney or dui defense attorney last Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans for example Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans overall donating a used car even car donation centers anti spam solution asbestos surveys with this in mind personal injury attorney attorney influence refinanced second mortgages such as influence auto insurance price quotes such as Insurance buy car insurance online for instance arizona divorce lawyer accident attorney michigan long atlanta hair laser removal granted aarp car insurance in summary anti spam products australian domain registration point Donate Donate conference calls toll free beside conference calls toll free all personal injury claim for example personal injury claim Faramarz Aslani Album roozhaye tarane has 9 musics