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Parvaneh Amir-Afshari also known as Homeyra is an Iranian singer. She is a veteran celebrity of Iran's Golden Years of music. Her voice has been measured to span three octaves. Revering singers, the young novice became interested in singing. Her father took notice of this and diligently curtailed her exposure further. He also forbade her from performing in presence of non-family members and insisted if she must sing, then she do so only for him. He and the matriarchs of the family saw her singing as a disgrace to the family's name. At age 16, Homeyra married a European-educated Iranian businessman. He allowed her more freedom and encouraged her to sing professionally. So she took music lessons and also signed up for voice training courses. Overnight fame: Homeyra's leads pulled her into the Iranian music scene soon after her participation in musical lessons. While attending Tajvidi's classes, he composed a song for her and persuaded her to record it as a single for release. Despite her reservations, she agreed and when the song "Sabram Ataa Kon" was played on Iran's radio stations, she became an overnight sensation, and this at age 18. However, in order to disguise herself from the exposure, she chose Homeyra as the name to which this song was to be attributed. It was said this was a first for a debutante singer to gain such quick renown throughout Iran with just a hit single. The enthusiastic record companies were soon to vie for the copyright to the song for wider distribution. When it was officially released in an album, Homeyra's father, recognizing her voice, tried a last minute effort to quell her career. He purchased every single album he could find – both legal and pirated copies – to remove the remnants of his daughter's voice from reach. However, some of the copies fell into the hands of loyal fans and he could not stop the furor of Homeyra's fame thereon. He has refused to speak to her ever since and the two became estranged. Recent Events: On August 22, 2009, Homeyra had a unique concert with Michael and Pouya in New York. After the presidential election 2009 in Iran, Homeyra sang the song "Jahan Kharan" for all Iranians suffering from the frauds around the elections. Therefore her fans call her "golden stone in persian music". In February 2010 Homeyra announced that she will start a good bye tour very soon called "toure khodahafezi". This tour will be placed in over 50 cities around the world. On March 6, 2010, she performed in Toronto and the concert was sold out. On youtube (Homeyra, Toronto) you can see how excited fans are when Homeyra comes to the stage. The last female singer of the "great generation" is loved by millions and with her unique voice she is one of the few guarantees for a high class level Persian music in our days. 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