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آهنگ های آلبوم تنهاترین تنها مجید خراطها

Majid Kharatha took the music in a family that every member of his family have a hand in the art of attack. Majid Kharatha three brothers and a sister that his brothers are also handy on art. His older brother, doctor Said lathes (sociologist and social pathology) In addition to teaching at the university and the building itself playing (Tbvr, tambourine, piano) fluently. Another brother also plays beat maker and Waheed Massoud woodturning lathes addition to singing and piano also has the ability to play the dulcimer. Art and music with traditional instruments began. Tabor started playing and then to teach Tar and Setar and then went on to percussion and finally, after studying piano, guitar and violin, classical instruments became more involved. He has complete mastery over playing time more than 10 types of construction (Tar, Setar, tabor, tambourine, percussion, guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, piano, violin, etc.) are found as well as the good genius classes in this area have opened their own. In 1370 he began his career with traditional music and traditional singing was born in 1376.Ahura rain and more professional groups looking to continue the fun. He also is a graduate of the arts. Consequently, the new flagship in the music album was called "the single most Alone" which contains 10 pieces and was prepared in collaboration with Mehdi Ebrahimi was met with tremendous support. His next album called "sore tongue" which contains 12 pieces in collaboration with Mehdi Ebrahimi and her brother Wahid lathes were collected. The album was also welcomed by the wider mobile and evocative song "passengers" between his supporters and even people became a memorable song. Subsequent albums Majid Kharatha named the "Farewell" and "displaced" each with seven pieces were published acceptable progress Majid Kharatha in his two albums were more popular than ever Majid Kharratha winter of 88, when most successful album called "canceled" and consists of 10 sites on the Internet. Majid Kharratha significant progress in this album are such that with a great welcome and record mobile internet to download themselves. But in the 90 mishaps happen to Majid Kharatha. The album "Ring" that was supposed to be the first virtual album Majid Kharatha them after 5 albums punish in the name of "certain sense" as the unofficial sites were country music and the unauthorized Majid Kharatha to stay another year long lead Finally, in the Persian date Esfand 91 Majid Kharatha first album called "I'm going" was released. The album includes tracks that you do not grieve, undecided, and do not, I'm going to ring, you have changed, concerned, excuse, excuse me, you're Instead, passengers, you are free, I was wrong and it was bye, in the 10 days before the end of the year was released a week after the release of the fourth best-selling album of the year was 91 Majid Kharratha Album Tanhatarin Tanha has 10 musics