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تنظیم آهنگ: ناصر چشم آذر
ترانه سرا: شیدا
آهنگ بت چین مرتضی بت چین

متن آهنگ بت چین مرتضی

Morteza Barjesteh best known by his stage name Morteza, is a renowned Iranian pop singer-songwriter and composer who gained fame in Iran during the 1980s. Morteza was born in Tehran and spent his early years there. Finishing primary and secondary education, he studied architecture and engaged in graphic designing. During the years of living in Iran, he worked with several advertising companies as a designer. By the age of 16, morteza started singing firstly in Iranian movies. In 1969 he went in for a singing festival in Mikhake noghreh i (Silver Carnation), a famous TV show which was performed by Fereydoon Farrokhzad and broadcast from Iran's national television for the first time, and won the competition. This was the beginning of his professional singing. His first song named "Eshghe Zoodgozar" ("fleeting love") was written by Masoud Hooshmand. The late Parviz Maghsadi composed music for "Eshghe Zoodgozar". Gradually thereafter, Morteza Barjasteh became known to people by his stage name, Morteza. Until Islamic Revolution of Iran he sang about 180 songs while cooperating with many famous Iranian songwriters and composers. He also sang about 50 songs for the Iranian movies. Two years after Islamic Revolution, in 1981 he left Iran for the United States and resided in L.A. He continued his artistic activities in the United States attending to Iranian folk music and despite financial pressures recorded two albums named "Dayeh Dayeh" ("nanny nanny") and "Anar Anar" ("pomegranate") both of which were well received and greeted by Iranian society. Considering the political conditions of Iran during the 1980s he sang some political songs the most prominent of which was "Darugheh" ("the sheriff") written by Masoud Amini Morteza also kept up graphic designing and designed covers for both his own albums and other artists'. He is the first Iranian who has used computer for designing since 1983. Following his artistic activities, he founded the cultural center of "Iran culture house" in 2002 in order to gather the Iranian society of the US together. The Iran culture house deals with social matters while doing cultural and artistic activities in the fields of theatre, music and so on and offering lectures and art classes. After the 2010 election and the protests of a great majority of Iranians and their being oppressed by the government which eventually resulted in the formation of "Iranian Green Movement", Morteza has been one of the few singers who performed some songs in regards to the mentioned political events. The most outstanding of such songs was a bilingual one named "Hamishe ba Neda" ("united for Neda"). 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