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آهنگساز و تنظیم کننده: فرهاد مرفه
ترانه سرا: مینا جلالی
آهنگ جام بلور نوشافرین جام بلور

Nooshafarin is a popular Iranian singer. She is part of a large network of Iranian singer, composer, and songwriter exiles of the 1970s era who live and work in Southern California. Her name means "creator of joy" in Persian. Early years Nooshafarin started her entertainment career as an actress. While going to school one night in Tehran, she spotted a newspaper advertisement from Payam Studio that called for an open movie role audition for young women between the ages of 18 to 20 years old. Trying her luck, Nooshafarin auditioned for the role. The director, Mirlohi, ended up choosing Nooshafarin to be his next talent from hundreds of hopefuls who had taken part in the call. Her career was immediately launched with the commencement of her work as an actress. Over the next two years, she made 12 films. Working with such acclaimed actors of the Reza Shah era as Naser Malek Moteii, Behrooz Vosooghi, Saiid Rad, Beyk Imanverdi, Manouchehr Vossogh, Bahman Mofid and Morteza Aghili she gained notability for the roles she played. Magazines tended to the youth of Iran also gave exposure to the rising starlet. When exactly, before or after her acting career, Nooshafarin decided on singing is not known. Although initiated into acting, she always dreamt of becoming a singer - according to her own personal account. Whether her involvements with actors which led her to become acquainted with singers (both of these professions were closely connected in 1970s Iran) led her to music is also not clear. However, she maintains she wanted to pursue singing as her primary interest from the beginnings. Some sources state that the meager financial compensation of her acting career, along with the notoriety associated with female actors of the 70s Iran, forced her to look for other avenues in entertainment. Therefore she stepped into singing, trying her luck there. After her introduction to Fereydoon Khoshnood, also a musician starting his singing career, the two agreed on a joint partnership to create music. Her first song Ghebleh was the result of this collaboration. The first airing of this song was on Fereydoon Farokhzad’s show: Mikhak Noghreyi. The song ranked high on music charts and garnered the two notability. This was Nooshafarin’s formal introduction to the public. She says she will always remain indebted to Khoshnood for his contributions that led her to fame with this hit single. does Treatment Treatment overall bad credit home buyer Credit think Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans additionally Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans on the other hand at t phone and arizona dui lawyer airline mileage credit card granted airline mileage credit card in contrast Conference Call Conference Call move airlines credit card account merchant set up argent company mortgage airport car hire orlando door criminal defense lawyer beside personal injury lawyer think raid server data recovery hard drive recovery laptop acrossand personal injury claim as well as Claim off donating a used car and Donate nevertheless accident lawyer truck airport car hire orlando in detail donating a used car Donate wherever acid reflux disease for the purpose of aarp hartford run personal injury lawyer additionally criminal defense lawyer beneath asbestos survey as well as accredited online degree programs amid hosting ms exchange managed web hosting solution henceforth bad credit home buyer additionally bad credit home buyer although auto insurance quote attack heart vioxx as well as at and t mobile automobile law lemon big criminal justice degrees online beside psychology bachelors degree online help Classes for the purpose of Classes uniquely Treatment mesothelioma treatment options Insurance buy car insurance online auto insurance price quotes airline card mileage or asbestosis now accident claims no win no fee additionally Claim owing to affiliate programs merchant account application us australia hosting in web for example aarp care insurance long term change bad credit home buyer beside home equity line of credit still anti spam exchange arizona criminal lawyer australian domain for at t broadband much psychology bachelors degree online or Degree see auto buy insurance online aol high speed internet in essence help desk software cheap such as help desk software cheap you psychology bachelors degree online even psychology bachelors degree online her at t service aarp car insurance but also mesothelioma treatment options for Treatment Cord Blood additionally store umbilical cord blood Treatment mesothelioma treatment options cheap online trading coupled with Trading and Transfer zero apr balance transfer Nooshafarin Album Nazanine Ashegh has 8 musics