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Hassan Sattar (born 1949) is a Persian singer, who has been living in exile since 1978 in Los Angeles, California. Before the Iranian Revolution he was a favorite of the Iranian Royal Family. Sattar has recorded over 350 songs, has released more than 30 Albums thus far and performed in 23 countries. He is the favourite of The Persian Royal Family and Persian's most idolized vocalist artist of our contemporary time. Sattar's fame began at the age of 22 with the release of the theme song "Khaneh Bedosh" to "Morad Barghi", a popular television show in Persia. The show made him an instant star. Young, talented, and extremely handsome, he soon became an ICON all over the Middle East. In 1978, Sattar migrated to the United States and continued his singing career in Los Angeles, California. In 1980, he got married and eventually became a father. His career blossomed further through the years, leading him on tours all over the world. As a caring individual, Sattar volunteers to perform at charity events for causes he believes in and he supports a number of non-profit and charitable organisations. In September 2004 International Further Studies Institute - I.F.S.I, conferred him with an Honorary Doctorate award for his sincere dedication and contribution to human kind, world of art, and Persian music in particular. With over 40 years of fame, Sattar's career has been dynamic. Sattar is an Iranian Pop-tenor, Oratorio singer with specialization in both Persian pop and classical music. He had gained fame before the Islamic Revolution and became Pahlavi Royal Family court singer up until the political upheavals of the late 1970s. He left Iran in 1978 and has taken residence in the United States since then. Sattar was one of six siblings born to an Abadani mother and Azeri father. His fame began at the age of 22 with the release of the theme song "Khaneh Bedush" for Morad Barghi, a popular television show in Iran. The show made him an instant star. His next hit came with the TV series Ghesseye Eshq made by Mansour Poormand. His signature song is "Hamsafar". With over 40 years of fame, Sattar has over 70 hits which includes the internationally known song "Gol-e Sangam". Sattar has recorded over 350 songs and is among very few Persian singers who in addition to diverse sound of Pop, performs both Persian traditional and classical music professionally. Sattar has also recorded a number of cover songs in English such as "Feelings", "A time for us", "Speak softly, Love" and "I Believe". Sattar is an award winning vocalist, who won two Golden Lioness Awards from The world Academy of Arts, Literature and Media - WAALM in 2005. 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