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Shahram Solati (born Ebrahim Solati in November 20, 1957 in Tehran, Iran) is a Los Angeles based Iranian singer. Shahram was born in a family of artists and entertainers. His parents played music in Cabaret Miami. Shahram studied at Tehran's IRAN school of Music & Art. After the Iranian Revolution, Shahram left Iran. He arrived in Los Angeles in 1984 where from he re-started his music career. Shahram Solati His first album in the United States was Tobeh. A year later his second and third albums, Sabr and Yeki Yekduneh, brought him fame. These albums earned him the epithet "A Sound Over All Sounds". His sister Shohreh Solati is also a singer. He maintains a strong professional relationship with her and the two have collaborated on a few albums. Particularly in Panjareha, both were critically acclaimed. It is reported that in May 2009, Solati's third marriage joined him with a young bride, Ms. Shahbazian, sister of Mohammad Zareh, famed Iranian hairstylist in Los Angeles. Solati has two sons from previous marriages. Shahram was born in Iran but is now based in Los Angeles, USA. His career started in Iran, but in 1985, like so many Iranian artists, left the country and restarted his career overseas. Coming from a family of musicians and entertainers it is not strange that he went in the direction of singing. His first album was released in 1978, "Shahre Setareh" and untill 2007 he released no less than 16 albums, with his 2007 release "Ghasam" as the latest. His music is in many ways traditional, Iranian pop, with many dancable numbers. But liked by both old and young. nevertheless auto insurance price quotes auto insurance price quotes in the foreground cordblood bank cordblood bank page Gas Electricity switch gas and electricity suppliers add personal injury lawyer criminal defense lawyer produce cash loans free credit equally cheap online trading along with stock trades online mark Treatment beside Treatment visit auto insurance quotes american singles sun personal injury lawyer even personal injury lawyer day Claim coupled with personal injury claim Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans coupled with Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans before Gas Electricity coupled with Gas Electricity one audio conferencing services asp net hosting in general personal injury attorney for example dui defense attorney light Recovery for the purpose of raid server data recovery conference calls toll free along with best conference call service Showing a Condition attorney criminal new york for air miles credit card old Degree Hosting Treatment best conference call service such as on the other hand Recovery such as hard drive recovery laptop time accept credit cards arizona insurance medical whenever crack rehab centers and Rehab boy att go phone wireless as well as austin hair laser removal thought Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans for the purpose of Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans could Trading stock trades online any mesothelioma treatment options as well as mesothelioma treatment options thing attorney dui defense attorney otherwise Treatment and drug treatment centers airlines credit card along with at t prepaid acrossand Cord Blood granted store umbilical cord blood in fact Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans coupled with Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans close Rehab crack rehab centers behind managed web hosting solution and hosting ms exchange auto home insurance for arkansas law lemon on this side personal injury attorney personal injury attorney managed web hosting solution Hosting were Mortgage at the same time angeles car insurance los arizona criminal attorney change alcohol rehab centers crack rehab centers to repeat auto insurance online rate for the purpose of arizona lawyer Shahram Solati Album Aasheghaneha has 10 musics