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Shohreh Solati (Persian: Shohre Solati‎‎) (born Fatemeh Solati in Tehran, Iran) is a well-known and popular Iranian singer. She has vast artistic skills in singing and performing. Since the Islamic Revolution in Iran, she has continued her music career in exile and achieved acclaim for her contribution to Iranian music. Biography Shohreh Solati born on January 4, 1959 in Sar-cheshmeh in Tehran to a well-to-do family of artists and entertainers, Shohreh developed an interest in music early on - singing at seven years of age. She later went on to study at the Tehran Conservatory of Music, where she received training in singing and the clarinet. Her first album titled Dokhtar-e-Mashreghi (Persian for "Eastern Girl") was successful, garnering some notability. Magazines directed toward the youth of Iran in the 1970s also gave exposure to the singer. The Revolution Shortly before the Revolution in 1978, Shohreh left Iran to perform in a series of concerts in the United States and, due to restrictions imposed on entertainers by the new leadership, she was not able to return. So for the time being, she decided to settle down in New York City, where she married soon after. Since the revolution came unexpectedly, she and other exiled Iranian singers initially faced some difficulties to re-establish the community. However, after the birth of her daughter, Shohreh became more involved in her professional career. Wider appeal Leaving behind New York, Shohreh moved to Los Angeles in 1982, settling with the exiled Iranian music industry of the 1970s, who also established in that city. Working with songwriters, composers and arrangers such as Mohammed Moqadam, Jaklin, Siavash Ghomeishi and Shubert Avakian, she produced and released several new albums. Most of these albums were nostalgic of the golden years of Iranian life just a few years before and thus appealed to a much wider audience, giving Shohreh's fame momentum. The yearning for Iran in Shohreh's music established a strong solidarity amongst the struggling Iranians who found comfort in her songs. Her notable albums during this period include Jaan Jaan, Salam, Sedaayeh Paa and Shenidam. Throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, Solati managed to increase her appeal by the release of newer albums, each earning commendation. In the 1980s she had many concerts with Siavash Shams and Andy Madadian. However, it was not until the release of the album Zan (1994) that she unequivocally garnered positive reviews from critics. The themes of her songs in that album not only highlighted greater recognition of women's rights, but they also underlined the importance of women's duties. At the turn of the millennium, Shohreh continued releasing more albums outreaching her popularity beyond the borders of Iran. With the best-seller releases of Ghesseh Goo, Saayeh, Atr, Safar, Pishooni, and Havas. She has rivaled the work of such singers as Leila Forouhar and Nooshafarin. Some have argued that Shohreh in fact has eclipsed these singers in the last few years. Her music albums produced outside of Iran have now outnumbered her numbers before the revolution. She has been credited to have given sold out performances in U.S., Canada, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Britain, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Germany, Cyprus, Turkey and Israel. 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