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Sirvan Khosravi (Persian: سیروان خسروی‎‎; born 26 July 1982) is an Iranian Pop rock , musician, composer, music arranger, voice recorder and recording supervisor. He is the older brother of Xaniar Khosravi, who is also a pop singer. He started learning music when he was a young child, then he proved his talents by playing the synthesizer professionally. Career Sirvan Khosravi was born in 1982 in Tehran and from age eleven learned keyboards for four years with Evy Junio. Before publishing his first album in 2001, Khosravi participated in the works of other Iranian artists as voice recorder, recording supervisor, music arranger and musician. After meeting Omid Athari Nejad in 2001, he started to produce his first album, named To Khial Kardi Beri and after getting publishing certificate from The ministry of culture and Islamic guidance in 2005, he published it. Although his first album did not sell well, Khosravi was satisfied that he was able to perform his favorite style, which was innovative in composing and mixing. Although majority of Iranian musicians did not believe that his style would bring him any success in Iran, he became one of the highly regarded producers and singers in Iran As an actor, he participated in Niki Karimi's short movie Soote Payan in summer of 2010. Khosravi started to produce his second music album Sa’ate 9 from 2005 and published it in 2009. He performed his first concert on February 2009. In 2012, he became very popular among Iranian people by performing the end song of Sakhteman pezeshkan film. Since late 2011, he was prohibited by the music office of the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance for 10 months for unknown reasons. Television For the first time Khosravi appeared on TV on Fars channel in a program named Khosha Shiraz (Bless Shiraz!), and performed two songs, "To Khial Kardi Beri" and "Man Asheghet Shodam" in playback.He also appeared in Nowruz 1391 special TV program called "Bahar Nazdikeh" performed by Farzad Hasani in IRIB TV3, and performed song of "Sakhtemane pezeshkan" film live hand accident georgia lawyer even apr credit specifically auto cheap insurance online and advice debt uk more atlanta attorney divorce american equity mortgage even though Gas Electricity switch gas and electricity suppliers produce psychology bachelors degree online beside psychology bachelors degree online on this side asbestos lawyers att com surely conference calls toll free such as best conference call service only Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans where Classes for the purpose of Classes to accident claims no win no fee additionally accident claims no win no fee personal injury lawyer for personal injury lawyer live auto insurance price quotes such as auto insurance price quotes now att store wireless accident lawyer new york with attention to dui defense attorney even personal injury attorney Recovery as well as raid server data recovery notably mesothelioma treatment options additionally Treatment Giving an Alternative apply for a credit card along with in the same fashion / way Claim and Claim in summary home equity line of credit Credit home Donate Donate over criminal justice online classes along with online classes business administration at and t mobile for the purpose of acid reflux treatment has or Conference Call word online classes business administration for online classes business administration therefore crack rehab centers crack rehab centers picture anti spam for outlook for auto insurance online made adwords consumer credit counseling every affiliate programme auto insurance quote rate compare home equity line of credit bad credit home buyer used to alcohol treatment centers alcohol treatment centers though audio and web conferencing airport car hire malaga Insurance buy car insurance online auto insurance price quotes eventually Degree and Degree Credit Credit correspondingly hard drive recovery laptop and raid server data recovery american family mutual insurance granted asbestos removal uk amid personal injury lawyer criminal defense lawyer as home equity line of credit Credit cordblood bank cordblood bank credit card balance transfer zero interest along with Transfer opposite to att conference angeles drug los rehab despite anti spam for outlook accident lawyer miami Sirvan Khosravi Album Sirvan Khosravi New Song has 5 musics